The biggest escarpment country art studio tour is BACK!   The FASM Studio Tour is BIG!  There are studios in Milton, Georgetown, Limehouse, Halton Hills, Rockwood, Eden Mills, Campbellville, Kilbride (Burlington) and Carlisle (Hamilton).   This weekend tour will have you take a beautiful, picturesque drive through the countryside as you pop in to meet the artists and admire their latest work.  Have you ever wanted to pursue fine art or a fine craft?  Now is your opportunity to speak to artists that work in a multitude of mediums.    Thinking about starting an art collection?  A art tour is great way to see many artists over a single weekend.  See a variety of painters showing unique and vibrant abstract or expressionist paintings, to realistic florals and majectic landscapes.    Our artists include photographers, wood sculptors, fiber artists, mosaic tile artists, metal artists, stained glass artists and guitar builder plus many more.

This year we have 41 artists in 19 locations.

Below is the list of all the artists and their locations.

2022 FASM Studio Tour Map

Urban Milton

Explore the Milton urban are with heritage homes dating back to 1883. Click or touch the Studio number to expand.

  • CLOSED Studio 1

    Artist: Roisin Nelson

    Location: 773 Byng Court, Milton, ON | Major intersection: Wilson Dr. and Main St.

    Art Style: Watercolour

    Instagram / Email

  • Studio 2

    Artist: Jenny Panda

    Art Style: Mixed Media, Acrylics, Alcohol Ink and Pressed Flowers

    Website / Email

    Artist: Trixy Benner

    Art Style: Photography, Watercolour, Fabric Art, Recycled Paper Journals

    Website / Email

    Artist: Jane DaSilva

    Art Style: Jewellery

    Website / Email

    Artist: Sherry Snider

    Art Style: Mosaic, Pen and Ink, Photography

    Website / Email

    Artist: Barbara Ariss-Strohwasser

    Art Style: Painting

    Website / Email

    Location: 16 James Street, Milton, ON | Waldies Blacksmith Store

  • Studio 3

    Artist: Peter Reitsma

    Location: 58 King St., Milton, ON | Major intersection: Main St. and Bronte

    Art Style: Painter, Oil, Acrylic

    Website / Email

  • Studio 4

    Artist: Diane Dobson-Smith

    Location: 49 Bronte St. South, Milton, ON | Major intersection: Rear Entrance Main St. and Bronte

    Art Style: Digital Art, Weaving, Watercolour, Acrylic

    Website / Email

  • Studio 5

    Artist: Yun Xie

    Location: 563 Roseheath Dr., Milton, ON | Major intersection: Bronte and Laurier

    Art Style: Papercutting, Handmade Craft, Postcard handmade bag

    Website / Instagram

  • Studio 6

    Artist: Barb Tate

    Art Style: Oil Painter

    Website / Email

    Artist: Karen Stephens

    Art Style: Painter, Acrylics

    Instagram / Email

    Artist: Monica Burnside

    Art Style: Painter, Oils

    Website / Email

    Location: 523 Sunnyvale Crescent, Milton, ON | Major Intersection: Derry Rd. and Bronte

  • CLOSED Studio 7

    Artist: Tina Clancy

    Location: 820 Childs Drive, Milton, ON | Major intersection: Childs Dr. and Thompson

    Art Style: Landscapes, Abstracts, Acrylic

    Website / Email

On the Escarpment

Climb up the Escarpment and meander the country roads to discover studio gems. Click or touch the Studio number to expand.

  • Studio 8

    Artist: Greg Coman

    Art Style: Photography

    Website / Email

    Artist: Jody van der Kwaak

    Art Style: Photography, Digital Art, Graphic Design

    Website / Email

    Location: 10737 Sixth Line, Georgetown, ON | Major intersection: Trafalgar Rd. and 15th Sideroad

  • Studio 9

    Artist: Doris Treleaven

    Location: 13016 - 5th Line, Limehouse, ON | Major intersection: Hwy 7 and 5th Line

    Art Style: Metal Art

    Website / Email

  • Studio 10

    Artist: Robert Attrell

    Location:9676 Halton Erin Townline, 32 Side Road, Halton Hills, ON | Major intersection: 4th Line and 32 Side Road

    Art Style: Painter Oil, Cold Wax

    Website / Email

  • Studio 11

    Artist: Denise Keats

    Location: 13655 – 5th Line Nassagaweya, Milton, ON | Major intersection: Hwy 7 and Hwy 25

    Art Style: Pottery

    Website / Instagram

  • Studio 12

    Artist: Vivien Fleisher

    Location: 13468 Fourth Line Nassagaweya, Milton, ON | Major intersection: Guelph Line and 25 Side Road

    Art Style: Painter, Printmaker Oil, Acrylic, Linocut, Collagraph, Monotype

    Instagram /Email

  • Studio 13

    Artist: Trudy Priede

    Art Style: Pottery

    Website / Email

    Artist: Rita Brouwers

    Art Style: Fabric Art

    Website / Email

    Location: 109 River Glen Path, RR 2 Guelph , Eden Mills, ON | Major Intersection: Arkel Rd. and First Line

  • Studio 14

    Artist: Allycia Uccello

    Location: 10280 Second Line, RR1 Campbellville, ON | Major intersection: Guelph Line and 10th Sideroad

    Art Style: Painter, Sculptor, Acrylic, Oil, Pastel, Resin, Glass, Metal

    Website / Email

  • Studio 15

    Artist: Davoud Khosravi

    Art Style: Sculpture, Wood

    Website / Email

    Artist: Anna Olszowka Khosravi

    Art Style: Painter, Acrylic, Mixed Media

    Website / Email

    Location: 8307 Guelph Line, Milton, ON | Major intersection: Guelph Line and Limestone Rd

Escarpment West

Discover the charming and gently rolling countryside west of Milton, in Campbellville, Kilbride and Carlisle.

  • Studio 16

    Artist: Bill Brehm

    Art Style: Painter, Watercolour, Acrylic, Oil

    Website / Email

    Artist: Marnie Brehm

    Art Style: Watercolour, Acrylic, Polymer Clay

    Website / Email

    Artist: Lois Freese

    Art Style: Painter, Acrylic, Oil, Cold Wax

    Website / Email

    Artist: Jean Rivers

    Art Style: Painter, Watercolour

    Website / Email

    Artist: Sharon Crosby

    Art Style: Painter, Watercolour

    Website / Email

    Artist: Joel Troster

    Art Style: Woodworking, Bowls, Pens, Cutting Boards, Charcuterie

    Website / Email

    Artist: Margaret Jones

    Art Style: Mixed Media

    Instagram / Email

    Location: 1617 Milburough Line, Campbellville, ON | Major intersection: Milburough Line and 10th Concession E.

  • Studio 17

    Artist: Donalou Langdon

    Art Style: Painting, Watercolour

    Website / Email

    Artist: Cheryl Ann Hills

    Art Style: Painter, Northern Ontario Landscapes, Oil

    Website / Email

    Location: 1913 Centre Rd, Campbellville, ON

  • Studio 18

    Artist: Monika Schaefer

    Art Style: Pottery and Fine Art

    Website / Email

    Artist: Angie Trkulja

    Art Style: Wire Wrapped Jewellery

    Website / Email

    Artist: Annick Bourdon

    Art Style: Textile Art

    Website / Email

    Artist: Linda Ross Gallagher

    Art Style: Painter

    Instagram / Email

    Location: 2 Palomino Dr., Carlisle, ON | Major intersection: Carlisle Rd. and Palomino

  • Studio 19

    Artist: Diana Tuszynski

    Art Style: Painter, Acrylic, Oil and Cold Wax

    Website /Instagram

    Artist: Harold Dickert

    Art Style: Guitar Builder, Wood

    Website / Email

    Artist: Sarah James

    Art Style: Jewellery, Wire Wrapping, Crystals, Stones, BeachGlass, Beads

    Facebook / Email

    Artist: Anne-Ellice Pascoe

    Art Style: Stained Glass

    Facebook / Email

    Artist: Ursual McDermid

    Art Style: Alcohol Ink Art, Acrylics, Pastels

    Website / Email

    Location: 6459 Cedar Springs Rd, Kilbride, ON | Major intersection: Kilbride St. and Cedar Springs Rd

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