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Zunaira is a multidisciplinary Architect and Artist, who is the artist behind ZDot Design Studio. Zunaira considers Art as a therapy for mental health and well being. She believes that everyone has the potential to create art, and art is a nonjudgemental space where one can express themselves freely. For Zunaira, Art is her spiritual connection with nature and sharing it with the community fulfills her as an artist. Zunaira's work reflects her passion for exploring the intersection between art, architecture, and symbolism, and how these disciplines can enrich each other. She aims to visually depict a broad range of themes such as Cultural, ality, poetical, and inspired by Nature. She is constantly experimenting with new ideas, materials, and forms, seeking to push the boundaries of her creativity and challenge her audience's perceptions. Zunaira's goal is to create meaningful and impactful Art that can touch people's hearts and minds, and inspire them to live more meaningful and fulfilling lives. Through her Art and Paint events, she hopes to create a more inclusive and tolerant community, where everyone can feel free to express themselves and embrace their uniqueness. Zunaira's work has been recognized and appreciated by various organizations, and she has received significant accolades for her work. Zunaira is an accomplished artist, and she has been part of various art exhibitions to present her Work across the Toronto area. Zunaira is also an active member of the Fine Arts Society of Milton. Zunaira is passionate about sharing art. She has been conducting numerous Art Events and workshops across the GTA. She has been actively facilitating events for Ontario Culture days, Friendship Project, and Crafting Culture by Arts Milton. Furthermore, Zunaira is working as an Art Instructor with First Ontario Arts Centre, Milton.

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