About the Artist

Trisha Miller is an artist from the Mississauga area. She is practiced in areas of Mixed Media and Encaustic painting. Trish dives deep into her materials to incorporate a variety of mediums and textures to bring interest to each piece. Most of her inspiration comes from travel. Trish is a very curious spirit and always so interested in our planet, our people, our diverse cultures and the connection between us all. While abroad, Trish is always on the hunt for artistic treasures and souvenirs that she can bring back to incorporate into her artworks. The simplest of items, a napkin from a well loved restaurant, a pebble from a beach or any other treasure that can bring a piece that 3D element and array of textures she so loves - thus allowing that memory to be sealed forever into one magical piece for her own walls, or for someone else who connects to that moment. With a curious mind and soul, she will examine the simplest of items, from a dinner menu to the items that come in her shipping packages - to challenge her own perspective of how she can transform items into a new creation and bring life back to an otherwise abandoned and discarded item. Once Trish discovered the world of Encaustic, it opened a whole new world to her creative process. Trish offers Encaustic classes to other curious students and is always so amazed at their first-time creations; she is not ashamed to say she learns something new at every class from her students who have a totally different perspective and thought process. She loves to help cultivate a space for creativity to bring more art into the world.

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