About the Artist

Art has always been a big part of Tina's life, growing up in a house full of artists and gallery enthusiasts, and she felt her inner artist early on, always making time to sketch in pencil and ink. When she retired from teaching, Tina took some painting classes with her sister for fun - these opened a door to a brave new world of expression, and Tina began to paint almost every day.

Early on, an exhibit about Gutai, a 1950’s Japanese art movement, inspired her to be more playful, spontaneous, and intuitive with her approach, relying more on painting what was inside her head and heart rather than what was in front of her eyes. Along the way, Tina has had the good fortune to learn and explore different styles and techniques with excellent instructors, and has continued to paint in this free-style manner in her home studio in Milton, Ontario.

Tina paints in acrylics on canvas, paper, or hardboard, but has also dabbled in watercolours and other media. Lately, she has found herself alternating between painting colourful abstracts and softer, impressionistic scenes. Tina has shown her work regularly throughout Milton, Hamilton, and the Niagara Region.

For a full listing of Tina's artwork, and the original paintings still available for purchase, go to her website: www.tinaclancyart.com. If you have missed her engaging newsletters, you can find a full listing in the Newsroom on her website. Consider subscribing today!

“I marvel at the wonders I spy through a window, up a tree, at the side of the road, or beyond the shore...

... fleeting glimpses, tracks in the snow, shadows cast, mist floating, milky skies, seasons changing, and the stillness of being.

Nature that lives and breathes.

My paintings ... emergent and evanescent ... reflect the love and joy I feel for this vast and beautiful world. I welcome you to share them with me.”

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