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“Invincible Creative Mastermind” Pauline Gladstone – Artist All my life I have wanted to be a Time Traveller. My mind is littered with a million scenes, a bag of mixed emotions, hidden secrets. I lie in the dark and wish myself away to quieter places and times. With eyes closed, I rewind the clock. In a dream like state, I can go anywhere, see, and do anything. I hold the key; I just need to find the door that it opens. My hopes and dreams come to fruition through painting. Something stirs deep within me when I hold a paint brush in my hand, scrubbing with pushing beautiful colours around the canvas. I am a Time Traveller. I hold the keys to your memories. I unlock time. Remember me, I am Pauline Gladstone the Artist. In the Fall of 2018, I left behind a 32-year career as a Graphic Designer/Print Brocker to realize the dream of becoming a professional oil painter. I was fortunate enough to find studio space at Williams Mill Creative Arts Studios in Glen Williams, Ontario. A creative seed planted, I got to work getting to know Pauline Gladstone, the Artist-Painter. I am late comer to the professional work of painting. I continue to expand my artistic knowledge base through enrollment in educational programs and lessons. The business side of the studio benefits from the knowledge gained as an entrepreneur. A significant portion of my development, as an oil painter, continues to come with the passage of time and the completion of work. There is so much to learn through the creation of each piece of art. It is always a struggle balancing the business and creative sides of being a professional artist. Technology is a time stealer. The success of my business demands that I stay connected. Social media is like a black hole, sucking you in for hours at a time. Paperwork for submissions, grants, and taxes are a necessity. Add to this the most -do marketing list. At the end of the day, all I ever wanted to do was just paint. There have been business plans, multiple shows, workshops, business classes, grants and painting lessons. Nothing notably important or significant enough to write home about. Just small personal victories that encourage me to keep going, to carry one. It is in these small moments of recognition that I am reminded that I am still on the right path. Where that path is leading me, I have no idea. I just want to paint. I will let the work speak for itself. Approximately 30 notable works have been created since 2017.

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