About the Artist

The beauty of original art is that you can see the brushstrokes, textures, and markings made by the artist. They tell the story of how art is created. Every painting I produce is born from my love of land, sea, and sky. The marks I make are a personal shorthand derived from a lifetime of observation, sketching, and painting. I am blessed to live in Dundas, where there are countless places to drink in the natural splendour of our region. Hiking and walking our trails fuels my creativity. Over the years, my practice has moved away from representational art to abbreviated areas of colour, patternline, and movement. All my works begin with random marks and colours on the substrate I am working with. At each subsequent step in the process, I add layers and reveal some of the underlying "history". For me, the joy in creating comes from responding to what is happening in front of me. When I start to see a clear direction, I slowly and intentionally bring the painting to completion.

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