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Lynn Burnett is a passionate carver, working in various woods and acrylic paints to create her vision and expressions of the natural world around her. Lynn has had a lifelong love of nature and the wildlife around her. She grew up in a family where camping and the love of the outdoors was encouraged and nurtured. She continued this with her own family. Today, camping, canoeing, and exploring the outdoors is where she collects her wood and is inspired by what she sees. While working as a Forest Technician and in various positions in conservation after college, Lynn gained a further love of the beauty of wood and what can be created from it. She was fortunate enough to be able to take classes with some world class carvers who taught her how to transform a piece of wood using knives, chisels, power tools and acrylic paints. She also credits her growth as an artist to the continuing support and encouragement of her husband, Garth. Over the past 15 years, Lynn has been carving in the round and creating sculptures in wood focusing on wildlife and birds. Her desire is to capture some of the beauty of the natural world in her carvings so that the observer can enjoy and explore her work from all angles as you would when observing it in the wild. Recently she has started relief carving and landscapes, and is enjoying exploring this new style. Lynn has won many 1st place awards for her carvings and has appeared twice in the American-published Wildfowl Competition magazine. She has been carving commission pieces for collectors in Canada and the US, and with her recent retirement, there is a long list of new commissions. Lynn belongs to carving clubs in Guelph and Milton and to the Fine Arts Society of Milton (FASM) where she is inspired by the fellow artists and creators around her.

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