About the Artist

I am a self-taught intuitive abstract expressionist painter from Milton. My mantra for creating abstract art has always been that there is no right or wrong way to create any emotional expression. I love switching gears from painting fluid abstracts to bold whimsical landscapes. Personally, creating art has always been about the freedom of feeling and emotion, rather than the production and finished product. The beauty of abstract art is being open ended and free. I love creating paintings with no plan other than having a colour scheme and letting go, letting the canvas and brushwork take over. I have been inspired by the scenery and colours of Georgian Bay Ontario - bright full sunrises and sunsets, the water, the shoreline and the winds and putting an ABSTRACT twist on my ideas. I really try to focus on brushwork details and a strong bold vibrant colour pallet in all my abstract and landscape compositions while embracing the artistic journey of where my paintings take the audience.

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