About the Artist

Bev Vinski is a Milton artist inspired by nature, who thrives in the creative realm of colour, line, and texture. Creating and making have always been a part of her life, and these pursuits bring her peace, clarity and satisfaction. Bev has only recently begun to share her work beyond her inner circle. The impetus was charity, and the process to public engagement was enabled by the support and encouragement of others. Proceeds from the sale of all of Bev’s art goes to local charities. It is a way for this artist to contribute more to these organizations who do so much for our communities. Bev has created unique mono-prints using acrylic paint, mark making tools, artifacts, and natural plant material. The one-of-a-kind prints were hand-pulled, and then further developed with mixed media. The finished art ranges in size from 1”x3” mounted on wood through to matted prints in 11”X14” frames. Something for everyone and every space. Thank you for your interest in Bev’s art, and these pieces of Bev’s heart.

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