About the Artist

My name is Anindita Mazumdar and I am a pouring artist. Since childhood, I have loved playing with colours and trying different forms of art. Like many of us, I loved to draw mountains and flowers, and paint with watercolour and acrylic. I would create more traditional paintings, but during the pandemic, when I had lots of time for myself, I stumbled into the world of abstract and pour painting. I loved how colours mixed with each other and would flow in different ways, giving each canvas a different look and meaning. The fluidity and freedom of the technique captured my heart instantly, and ever since I have been pouring. Each piece is a dance of colour and textures, inviting you to get lost in its depth and discover your own meaning within. Inspired by everything from nature: from the whirlwind of nature changing to the tranquility of human emotions, my work is a reflection of my innermost thoughts and feelings. I have also made jewellery, coasters, colourful tiles, and vases. Join me on this vibrant journey and let’s explore the transformative journey of pouring art together.

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